Collage of Scenes from El Dorado

Collage of Scenes from El Dorado

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Suspect captured after high speed chase

El Dorado Police chased a suspect down the Kansas Turnpike . The chase reached speeds of 90+ mile an hour. The KTA patrol units deployed spikes at mile marker 56. This set of strips disabled an El Dorado Police Unit. Unknown if the Escort Station Wagon hit the spike strips. The chase ended near the 53 mile marker. The subject and his vehicle were taken into custody.
The chase started near Sutherlands when 2 subjects where spotted in the fenced in area of the store.
One subject got out of the car in town, it is unclear if he was captured.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

el dorado times

The times is now being controlled by the master puppeteer, the same one that is controlling the 5 city commisioners

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

el dorado water fee increase

they voted Nov 10.. 3-2 to inflict more pain on the ones who can least afford it
then there was a vote of 5-0 Nov 15 on the heartless fee
Now It's is Dec 5 3-2 to suck even more life from those who are struggling.

Mayor is 'intent' so his no vote is an phony as his annexation.

15 dollars an hour .. say he shuts off a service off every 4 minutes... that's one (1) dollar to shut the water off.
the city has just grossed $225.00 for the 15 shut offs....IN ONE (1) HOUR..
But his times may be longer while he negotiates the potholed streets of the city.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Comment Section "The Mayor"

As many of you know the master puppeteer has directed the times to redact the comment section of the paper.

I hope the mayor hasn't dislocated his shoulder, patting himself on the back.

The 2030 master plan is painfully evolving now. Usd 490's planned middle school is actually showing signs of growth, albeit not the expected growth. As the whole refinery site will need to be cleaned, not just the 40 acres the school has agreed to buy from Coastal.

Will they move it, not if Coastal absorbs most of the cost of the clean-up. This is the city's dream location to force the 24th street bypass. If you want a bypass, there is the KTA.

Bypass unnecessary . There are plenty of streets in city that need attention.

Stadium infrastructure.Unnecessary. I think there is an Alumni with the 2 millionish to build his own infrastructure.
The city doesn't need a football stadium.

Waterline a great deal if the city of Wichita bears all cost of the system. It should lower the mill levy and pay back the lake.
This waterline has the potential to pay the city's way. What would you need to operated the city.
If you cut golf and stadium expenses, maybe the sale of water would zero out the budget. The city operates free, maybe even a surplus for needed items.
There are some ifs. ands, ors, & buts to the sale of water revenue making the needed money for the city to operate, but easily fixed.

Play the water line right it could lead to growth. LOW MILL LEVIES would attract better than this race to 200 mills.

GOLF sold or closed. The money pit will continue to drain the city's coffers.

Now the absurd fee for water reconnect. A caring city leader my butt.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


City of El Dorado


35% Tax increase

The 2.2 million dollar purchase of Prairie Trails.
This paves the way for a New USD 490 stadium
Yet it DOES NOT pave Towanda Street
A 2.8 million dollar expenditure for street improvement
at the NEW USD 490 stadium.
USD 490 has stated they have the money
for their half of the 36 million dollar stadium.
18 million dollar hidden for NEW stadium
yet they want 36 million for a new school




21st Century Skills

Wireless Broadband. Classrooms anywhere/anytime


NO $36,000,000.00 Bond

I read thru this 21st century skills site.

I didn't see any mention of the need for a new building..
But what I did notice was 3R'S & 4 C's
What would it cost to set-up a wireless broadband
Classrooms anywhere / anytime...
Less than the Purchase of Prairie Trails
Less than what you have spent on this bond issue.
The bond will cost each home in El Dorado
22 dollars a month for 25 years.
Businesses in El Dorado will pass their costs onto the consumer.
36 million dollars financed entirely by homeowners and renters.
USD 490 Stadium is needed to make way for the
SECOND 36 million dollar bond
USD 490 just spent about $200,000.00 on improvements to Blackmore Stadium

Register to Vote by October 18

NO $36,000,000.00 Bond

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

USD 490 Bonds

I did a little research as to the cost of a school...
I used RS Means quick cost estimates

You visited Independence Ks ... The data for that area is...

$4.6 million for a 45,000 s.f. elementary school..

$11.9 million for a 110,000 s.f. middle school....

Roughly $17 million for 2 schools... so who is going to be the recipient of this 17 million dollar windfall at the taxpayers expense...

I now see why you are keeping the location of the NEW middle school a SECRET...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mythical Griffith Street

Whoops!.... What no right of way... Holy Cow...
I think I will get a fence permit ...

“Legally, we cannot allow access across other people’s property without a right of way,” Rickard said.

So will the city have to purchase the empty lot on Vine to provide access to the properties...
Thru the empty lot with a cute round a bout... then a cul-du-sac at each end...
What is the cost of a 60' right of way.... 1000' long right of way... $1000.00 a foot...
Curb and gutter... storm drains ... signage
Lighting..... Now it will need at least 100 lights ... just light the ones on the bridge...
I wonder how many other non existent streets there are in the city ...

But maybe there is one of those Magical Orbamer Grants out there to fund the Fab Five out of another mess...